Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Buy Online Travel Mugs From Verve | Corporate Business Gift

Trendy travel mug are becoming very popular as corporate business gift, as they are very comfortable in offices and in traveling too. Verve has a huge variety of travel mugs made up of different materials and colors, style, and shapes. In Verve, these mugs are available in different capacity and choice of strainer lids to keep tea bags. We have travel mugs to be fitted properly in car’s coffee mug slot. 

Apart from all usability Travel Mug is the perfect product of branding as it has enough space for advertisement of your brand name. As a corporate gift company we know that your brand visibility on any product can bring you lots of business. Good quality and long durability make our travel mugs a perfect promotional gift as it will carry your brand name for a long time in front of your clients and would-be customers. 

Along with travel mugs Verve supplies a huge range of customized ceramic mugs too.

Here you can visit this website link for trendy mug collection: -

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Number OF Attractive Gifts For The Travellers | Corporate Gift Company

As the holidays approaching faster, everyone is thinking about traveling. Verve, the corporate gift company presents a number of attractive gifts for the travellers. We have a wide variety of caps, travel mugs, water bottles, sports shoes, hoodies, backpacks, portable tents and many more useful items to be used during travels.

Here are some tiny but very useful travel accessories that can be the perfect gifts for any travel lover: -

Eye mask
While traveling, to have a good night’s sleep, in a situation where you don’t control the lighting, eye mask helps to deal with that.

Ear plugs
When someone is taking an overnight flight or bus rides or any other noisy surroundings he or she needs ear plugs for a comfy sleep.

Writing Instruments
During traveling when you need something to be noted down, you need a notepad, a pen, a smartphone or iPad. We at Verve, corporate business gift suppliers can help in providing these products in affordable prices for your staff or friends or clients or a group of travel enthusiasts.

Portable Charger
In this mobile phonic era, chargers become the part and partial of our life. A portable charger is a very useful product in traveling to be connected always.

Hoodies or Jackets
Comfortable and stylish hoodie from Verve is always appreciated by a traveller as it gives not only comfort but also make a style statement.

Good quality travel shoes are the most important gear for travel enthusiast, which they ignore many times and the result is quite painful. We at verve, corporate gifts suppliers doesn’t want you to suffer as we can supply good quality sports or high altitude shoes.

Bag pack
Most of the travellers these days prefer to carry their own bag packs. Choosing a bag pack can be a tough task as it has to be tough and at the same time very light to carry. We at verve, the quality Indian gift Items suppliers can help you finding a right bag pack for you.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Corporate Gift Company | Corporate Gift Items In India

Sports, especially cricket has become the main essence of Indianism. So to connect with the cricket mania Verve, the premium corporate gifts suppliers presents a number of corporate gifts based on cricket theme. 

Sports Trophies and Mementoes
If a cricket event is going to be held by your organization, Verve, the best corporategifts suppliers in Delhi has a wide range of decent trophies, mementos made up of wood, glass and metal which can be polished gold or silver as per your choice, to make your sports event more memorable.

Table Tops
Verve supplies a variety of Table Top indulge in cricket theme with card holders and pen holders and also having beautiful clocks that make them more usable and attractive showpiece too. Our corporate gifts are high quality corporate gifts made of quality raw materials.

Key Chains
Miniature bats and balls are used in key chains to make them beautiful corporate gifts. You can also select visiting card holder with cricket theme to advertise your brand name. 

Sports Goods
Cricket Bats, Balls, Pads, Stumps, Shoes etc. are the few example of our quality corporate gifts which can act as memorable gifts to any team player playing in your annual sports meet or just a friendly match between two teams.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Indian Gift Items Suppliers | Corporate Gifts Suppliers

Gift items have become the essential part of our personal as well as professional life. Verve as a leading Indian gift Items suppliers presents a wide array of corporate gifts which fully appropriate for personal use and for the decoration purpose. Verve perfectly fulfills the purpose of these gifts because of its customized nature and they are high quality corporate gifts.

Verve corporate gift company helps you to improve your business visibility in today’s day by day developing business arena. With the help of our gift items you can easily increase the credibility of your brand. Verve can easily and efficiently customize any gift item as per the requirement of our clients. Wide selection, high quality and competitive prices are the keywords of Verve the corporate business gift company. Verve is also providing best printing solutions in Delhi since a long time to fulfill your promotional needs very efficiently.

Strive of team Verve to excellence assures their clients to get exactly what they want. Verve provides high quality corporate gifts printing suitable for every budget each type of style and occasion. Our products have maximized efficiency and high quality printing on corporate gifts because of all advanced printing techniques.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Corporate Gifts Printing | Corporate Gifts Suppliers Delhi

Corporate business gift especially gifts of daily usable items can bring endless benefits for any business. When a gifted item that has a logo or brand name printed on it, being used every day make the brand automatically set on the top of the mind of your clients/customers and make them executive corporate gifts. These kind of gifts can be a key chain, a pen, a diary, a tiffin box etc.

Verve, the leading quality corporate gifts suppliers, has a huge range of daily usable gifts, which helps you to remain at the forefront of your client’s mind. Reason behind this type of gifting is apparently a simple thanks but actually this is a provoking way to be memorable for a long time. 

Daily usable quality gifts by Verve will surely strengthen long term relationship with your clients and consequently gives a new height to your business. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Printing Solutions Delhi | Printing Solutions India


Offset Printing

In Offset Printing plates are used which is normally made up of aluminium and that are used to transfer an image onto a rubber ‘blanket’ and then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. In Offset printing the ink is not transplant directly on to the paper and it is the best choice for the qualitative printing. The results we get from offset printing are very accurate and they give professional looking printing.

Digital Printing

Digital printing does not use plates and you pay a flat price per piece as there is no use of plates and setup fees are involved. It can give you personalized printing because of its variable data capability. When you need a unique code, name or address on each piece, digital printing is the only way to go.

Which is better?

Both printing methods are equally useful, as per the requirement of your project. Offset printing is more beneficial when you need larger runs of a project or are using a specific brand centric pantone colour. And if you need small run, with individual information, Digital printing is more suitable option. Printing solutions in India are based on these two types of printing methods.
At Verve the organisation providing printing solutions in Delhi, we do both as per the requirement of the projects with best quality results and in affordable prizes.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Corporate Gifts Suppliers Delhi

Winter is the best season to show best fashion sense and to look trendier! As the winter season is begin to start Verve, a leading corporate gifts supplier Delhi,  presents a wide range of stylish winter t-shirts and hoodies for corporate or promotional purposes. Because of their high quality our winter t-shirts and hoodies are widely liked products.

As they have enough space for logo, brand name or tag line they can be the best promotional gifts for every company.You can also use our comfortable and reasonable winter t-shirt and hoodies to make winter uniform of your firm.They are very durable because quality fabric and dress materials are used.

We provide both the paint and embroidery options for logo and brand name. They are designed with keeping mind the latest fashion trends. Through our trendy winter t-shirts and hoodies you can easily make your promotional campaigns a great success as these are considered as high quality executive corporate gifts.