Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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Offset Printing

In Offset Printing plates are used which is normally made up of aluminium and that are used to transfer an image onto a rubber ‘blanket’ and then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. In Offset printing the ink is not transplant directly on to the paper and it is the best choice for the qualitative printing. The results we get from offset printing are very accurate and they give professional looking printing.

Digital Printing

Digital printing does not use plates and you pay a flat price per piece as there is no use of plates and setup fees are involved. It can give you personalized printing because of its variable data capability. When you need a unique code, name or address on each piece, digital printing is the only way to go.

Which is better?

Both printing methods are equally useful, as per the requirement of your project. Offset printing is more beneficial when you need larger runs of a project or are using a specific brand centric pantone colour. And if you need small run, with individual information, Digital printing is more suitable option. Printing solutions in India are based on these two types of printing methods.
At Verve the organisation providing printing solutions in Delhi, we do both as per the requirement of the projects with best quality results and in affordable prizes.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Corporate Gifts Suppliers Delhi

Winter is the best season to show best fashion sense and to look trendier! As the winter season is begin to start Verve, a leading corporate gifts supplier Delhi,  presents a wide range of stylish winter t-shirts and hoodies for corporate or promotional purposes. Because of their high quality our winter t-shirts and hoodies are widely liked products.

As they have enough space for logo, brand name or tag line they can be the best promotional gifts for every company.You can also use our comfortable and reasonable winter t-shirt and hoodies to make winter uniform of your firm.They are very durable because quality fabric and dress materials are used.

We provide both the paint and embroidery options for logo and brand name. They are designed with keeping mind the latest fashion trends. Through our trendy winter t-shirts and hoodies you can easily make your promotional campaigns a great success as these are considered as high quality executive corporate gifts.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How To Select An Ideal Corporate Gift | Corporate Gifts Suppliers

We at Verve the leading corporate gifts suppliers suggest that before running out for the perfect corporate gift for you have to consider.

These essentials: -

•  We at Verve, one of the best corporate gifts suppliers in Delhi feels that you should check corporate policies as many companies and government offices may have some limitations as per money value of a promotional gift to either a supplier, customer or an employee.

•  You can have a short personal conversation with your clients about their likes, their hobbies, etc., before determining gifts for them. There is a large variety of corporate gift items in India, but you should consider only those items which are liked by receivers.

•  As lower quality gifts can spoil your impression, you should go for the quality only. We at Verve, always supply quality corporate gifts.

•  If you add a hand written note with your warm wishes it will have a long lasting impression. Writing a personalised note shows the level of personal touch for a corporate business gift.

•  While selecting a gift for your clients you should also consider about their cultural values as one same thing can has a different value for a different culture.

With the Consideration of all these things Verve, leading corporate gifts suppliers in Delhi can enhance your customer relationship as the only reason; behind these corporate gifts is “A healthy and long lasting relationship with your clients!”